Don’t worry if you are not a prodigy

Don’t worry if you are not a prodigy. Of course, if you want to make it big please do, but for the other 90% of humanity, hold your little qualities tight. Because you matter to at least one person in this world – it may be your mum, your friend, your dog, anyone. You have an influence, hopefully positive. You have your own small talent, and it can manifest in so many different ways. Maybe you have the ability to bend reality into your words, to find great advice for your loved ones, to grow the most beautiful plants in a garden. Or maybe you can make tasty cookies, have a good fashion sense, be invincible at checkers.

The few individuals who accomplished huge achievements – we all know their names. Yet the forgotten heroes are, in my opinion, those who change a tiny bit of their surroundings whenever they can. The people who quietly lived attempting to brighten what they saw around them. Who challenged the evil Earth we inherited by choosing to be good.

Don’t worry if you are not a prodigy. Do your best at putting a smile on your family’s face, to be proud of your work, even though it might turn out to be just fine. Simple tasks lead to enormous results.

Looking up, high in the sky, we can tell there are stars that shine the brightest, and in the same way, out of seven billion inhabitants of this planet, some stand out more.
But isn’t the firmament breathtaking also because of the other countless, less blinding stars?

Take this as self-consoling bullshit. I don’t mind.

Think about all the times you improved someone’s day.
Think about your impact.
Would you call it a waste?

Don’t worry if you are not a prodigy.
For greatness can come from humble things, too.


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